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Being a digital innovation partner, we help our clients to develop their products, work processes and thereby increase their efficiency. We provide E2E solutions: From designing the digitization strategy to the implementation, we build and maintain a close relationship with our clients.
Often happens that potential business partners have not yet defined what they need exactly, but they find themselves facing a business challenge or problem - e.g. some of their work consume too many resources, time and costs, workflows are not transparent nor can be monitored efficiently.
We provide cutting-edge digital solutions for these business needs. In addition to performing our work at a high quality, our cooperations are based on straightforward and transparent processes, a proactive and customer-oriented approach, and building of mutual and deep trust. These principles are realized in practice, inter alia, by maintaining a permanent communication, joint brainstorming and regularly held consultations with our partners on ideas and directions of development.


Lexunit’s key activities are divided into the following categories:
- Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning / Computer Vision/)
- Business Intelligence (Data Analytics / Data Science)
- Web application development (Angular / React / Node.js / Microservices / Docker / MongoDb / Python) - Cloud Development (AWS / Azure / Google Cloud)

Every customer and every project is a new challenge, requiring complex services and solutions. Lexunit committed itself years ago to develop innovative digital solutions that create unique values and can be successfully applied in any industry. As a highly qualified team with outstanding engineering expertise, we defeat any technological problem. The more complex mindset and creativity a development requires, the more interesting it is for us. We are up to your challenges! Learn more about our solutions and please visit our website!

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Lexunit - Digital Product Development - Founded 2017