Lexunit is making waves: check out some of the feedback we got from US startups!

Lexunit is making waves: check out some of the feedback we got from US startups!

Our goal is to provide cutting edge AI support, globally. In the last 6 months, we’ve been able to help some exciting startups, and the renown B2B platform Clutch interviewed our clients. Here’s a short summary of our adventures so far on the other side of the pond!

Scaling up JobStep, the app which automates application for jobseekers

JobStep brought us onboard to turn their product into a scalable platform.

Their software maps the job seeker’s data — including their profile and work history — and uses it to fill out forms, so they don’t have to slog through the application processes manually.

At the same time, the backend aggregates and scrapes for information, using third-party APIs to filter through job lists based on what the job seeker is qualified for.

The JobStep team heard about us and figured they should give us a try, because we check the most important boxes:

- excellent development skills
- good communication
- experience with Machine Learning

Our collaboration started in December 2020, and we’re happy to report that JobStep now has an up-and-running platform.

Here are some quotes from the client:

‘We’ve been pleasantly surprised that they’ve been able to work autonomously. I only need to meet with them twice a week. In each meeting, we set high-level requirements, and discuss implementation details, but I trust them to execute the project in full.’

‘I’ve also been impressed by how quickly Lexunit’s team has been able to adapt to our changing business needs. When I come to them with new requirements, they make the changes within a week or so.’

JobStep suggest that you should have a clear vision of what you want to build, but also be ready to iterate and test ideas when you work with us.

This is something particularly cool to read, because one thing we take very seriously is making the effort to identify the optimal solutions. Practice is often different from theory in this line of work, and sometimes we can uncover ways to do things that may bring better results than anyone expected before. That’s one of the most rewarding experiences, when it occurs.

Building a robust marketplace database for BlueInk

Blueink Digital is a lead-generation marketplace that does marketing analytics for solar, home improvement, insurance companies and others.

Basically BlueInk wanted our help in building a dependable database, with a dashboard that communicated with their vendors and third-party services.

Apart from these kind of development projects we help them in day-to-day technical solutions, like connecting services, getting them up and running. They describe working with us like we are ‘an outsourced CTO partner’.

We really enjoy working with BlueInk, because we completed several projects with them and they opened up the backend for us. We got involved in identifying areas for further development.

BlueInk was impressed that we always stayed under the project proposal hour caps - the client had different experiences earlier, with other teams.

BlueInk likes that we communicate clearly, has a single contact point and are responsive.

Would you like to know more? You can read the full reviews on Clutch, right over here! If you are interested in technical details, no problem: just reach out and ask away! We’re happy to hear from you.